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Nadi Astrology

A well-known astrological company with a global presence is Shivanadi Nadi Astrology. Through kundli and palm readings, it offers astrology answers relating to planet stars in order to forecast different aspects of your life and then resolve them for your wellbeing. Shivanadi has provided astrological services for horoscope counseling, marriage, love, career, money, children, education, enjoyment, and financial security.

Nadi Astrology

Nadi Astrology : What Is It?

In South India, particularly in Tamil Nadu, astrology is performed in the form of nadi astrology. According to legend, ancient seers predicted the past, present, and future of all humanity and recorded their predictions on palm leaves. Therefore, by reading the text inscribed on the palm leaves, one can determine their Nadi astrology forecasts for the past, present, and future.

By examining the motions and relative placements of celestial objects, astrology is a science that purports to provide insight into human affairs and terrestrial happenings ( stars and planets).

History: Nadi Astrology’s beginnings

The primary Nadi Astrology, contrary to popular thought, was developed in Tamil Nadu. All of the prophecies in the Nadi Shastra are attributed to the ancient Hindu philosopher “Agastya.” He possessed the ability to perceive the past, present, and future of all people on Earth and was endowed with a highly developed consciousness. In the historic poetic Tamil language of Vattezhuthu, he has recorded Nadi astrological forecasts. The Thanjavur Saraswathi Mahal Library in Tamil Nadu once housed written Nadi astrology forecasts, however over time, some of the leaves were lost due to British occupation. The families of astrologers afterwards acquired the nadi leaves from Vaitheeswaran Temple and passed them on to their lineage.

Nadi Astrology services
Nadi Astrology

The advantages of Nadi astrology

The Nadi’s significant benefit is that it explains how your current life and your previous birth are related. It also outlines precisely how to change the leftover karma from a past birth. The Rishis included a list of “remedies” or “course corrections” that could reroute you into a promising path in addition to writing your soul’s travel itinerary on your Nadi leaf.

These treatments frequently include making small sacrifices at energy vortexes. Each of us is an energetic entity. You can lessen the effects of a previous negative karmic energy signature and return to the correct path by tuning into the energy of a particular vortex. These energy vortices are typically found in Indian temples. However, the Nadi Astrologer recommends particular Powerspots based on the type of karma that needs to be atoned for. The application of the specified remedies can assist in reducing the after-effects of your prior behaviour and enable you to move forward in life.

Nadi astrology: Is it real or fake?

Many theories exist regarding the accuracy of Nadi astrology predictions. It is thought that ancient sages who lived thousands of years ago were unable to write fate on palm leaves. Furthermore, the Nadi leaves would have withered away over time if they were ancient. It is also claimed that Nadi astrology can only be accurate if all of the individual details match those on the Nadi leaves. As a result, there is a slight chance that Naadi Shastra will be honest with you. Always use caution when seeing a Nadi astrologer online to learn about your past, present, or future.

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